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AAPEX 2019

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2020 Brake Weekend

June 11 thru 14, 2020

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Our new address is:
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Mission Statement

Collect, characterize, and communicate to FMSI’s members the Vehicle Manufacturer’s OE service product and include this product in the FMSI and FMS® standardized part numbering system.

History and Benefits

In 1948 the Friction Materials Standards Institute was founded as a trade association of automotive aftermarket friction manufacturers. Since that time it has performed a very valuable service for the automotive aftermarket – the creation of a standardized part numbering system for brakes and clutch facings.

Not only do the manufacturing members have the right to use this system, but their customers also have that right. From manufacturer through retailer / installer one part number is used as the standard and as a common language – the FMSI number.

While the primary emphasis continues to be for on highway vehicles in North America, FMSI today has much broader geographic and vehicle coverage.

FMSI has also disseminated to its members such scientific, engineering, technological, statistical and other relevant information as it may obtain in the public domain pertaining to brake linings, clutch facings, and the industry.

In most industries each company must perform these services by themselves at substantial cost. Then they must coordinate their part number with their customers at additional expense to both. Because the members support and cooperate in this effort, the entire industry has benefitted at a relatively low cost.

Membership in FMSI is open to any manufacturer of friction and related products covered by the trademarked FMSI® and FMS® part numbers. Other participants in this industry may be eligible for licensee membership.

Both FMSI® and FMS® are registered trademarks of the Friction Materials Standards Institute.