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United By Brakes™

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  • FMSI’s proprietary part numbering system covers six product categories: disc friction, disc backing plates, drum friction, drum shoes, heavy duty blocks, and clutch facings
    • Standard for North American automotive aftermarket
    • Selected Part Numbers trademarked by FMSI
    • Members authorized to use the part numbers and trademarks

  • FMSI provides application and basic dimensional data
    • Members’ Only Electronic on-line catalog with applications, dimensions, drawings, images, original equipment numbers, and much more updated every two weeks
      • Virtually complete list of all products identified by FMSI
      • Application coverage from Model Year 1970
      • Thousands of part drawings
      • Powerful reports generator
    • Automotive Data Book published yearly – Members enjoy substantial price discount
    • Technical bulletins – 5 to 6 per year – with drawings and information about new parts plus application coverage for both new and existing parts

  • FMSI informs members about major environmental, brake performance and regulatory activity

  • FMSI’s annual meeting provides opportunity to meet with key business participants


Eligibility for Membership - Manufacturers

  • Manufacturers of the six products covered by FMSI (disc friction, disc backing plates, drum friction, drum shoes, heavy duty blocks, and clutch facings) in commercial quantities are eligible for membership
  • Active members have their principal office or manufacturing facility in the United States, Canada, or Mexico
  • Regional members are located throughout the rest of the world
  • Only difference between Active and Regional membership is that Active Members bear the additional responsibility for the operation of FMSI
  • Active and Regional members have the same rights to FMSI information and part number use

Eligibility for Membership - Licensees

  • Not a manufacturer of the six products covered by FMSI
  • Participates in the industry in one of the following five areas
    • Manufacture of component parts for brakes
    • Manufacture of materials for attachment or assembly of brakes
    • Manufacture of tools and/or equipment used in industry
    • Test or certify friction materials
    • Rebuild or assemble brakes and clutches
  • Licensee members have access to FMSI information
  • Licensee members do NOT have the right to use FMSI part numbers except for product purchased from a manufacturing member

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Friction Materials Standards Institute

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